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Building and construction market

By using the Solarkote® family of capstocks,  the exterior of the home can be designed with rich vibrant finishes that provide long-lasting beauty and durability for even the most demanding climates.

Innovative capstocks for the building and construction market

As consumers move away from high maintenance exterior products, the Solarkote® family of capstocks offers market leading durability to manufacturers of ultra-low maintenance building materials.


The enduring nature of PMMA polymer chain is the foundation that Solarkote® acrylic capstocks were built on, giving product designers confidence in performance no matter what color, finish or gloss level is required.  The market leading innovation and performance captured within Solarkote® products gives ultimate flexibility to develop the best products with a broad selection of substrate materials.


Solarkote® allows you to create the ultimate home environment.  Starting in the yard, elegant black fencing creates lasting curb appeal.  Dark rich decking and railing provide a worry free area to relax without the need for constant upkeep and refinishing.  Low-gloss siding stands alone or accompanies stone facades to provide a beautiful soft finish that stays true to color no matter the climate.  Expressive window and trim options make the home standout in any setting.

Solarkote® flat matte

Example of Solarkote flat matte surface texture
  • lowest gloss capstock
  • eliminates low angle glare
  • imparts a soft feel

Solarkote® matte and extra matte

Example of Solarkote matte and extra matte surface texture
  • low range gloss capstocks
  • reduces glare with minimal texture

Solarkote® textured matte

Example of Solarkote textured matte surface texture
  • mid to low range gloss capstocks
  • reduces gloss while allowing some low angle glare
  • imparts a small grain texture

Our main applications


Example of decking using Solarkote


When capped with Solarkote® acrylic, vinyl fencing offers greater durability than wooden fencing, without the maintenance.


Example of railing using Solarkote


Solarkote® capstocks for roofing in the building and construction market.

Window and door profiles

Solarkote® capstocks for window in the building and construction market.


Solarkote® capstocks for siding in the building and construction market.