Solarkote® and Plexiglas® resins have been the trusted capstock material for many years for its chemical and scratch resistance.

Solarkote® acrylic capstock delivers stunning effects for use in a variety of pool and spa applications.

Plexiglas® and Solarkote® resins provide the high gloss, chemical resistant surfaces necessary for the sanitary market.

Plexiglas® resins and Solarkote® capstock has been a proven first surface for more than 20 years in the sanitary market. Those capstocks are chosen for their proven reliability of chemical and scratch resistance.

Plexiglas® DR® acrylic resin, Plexiglas® Granite acrylic resin, and Solarkote® acrylic capstock provide the attractive high gloss, chemical resistant surfaces necessary for diverse applications in the sanitary market.

Plexiglas® Granite, capped with a Solarkote® high gloss clear coat, provides a rich, natural, highly polished stone-like surface. When capped with Solarkote® capstock matte products, the sheet surface takes on a soft, low gloss, "satin-like" surface.

Solarkote® Acrylic Capstock: Reliable, Enduring Protection from Extreme Conditions